What’s brewing in Coffence?

Hey there everyone, hope you’re having an amazing friday! We’ve been a bit quieter than usual last week, but you’ll see that is was definitely worth the wait.

So before i go into the details, why don’t you take some time to join Eric on a relaxing caffeine infused journey to get up to speed on our progress?

Sweet right? Now let’s dive in!

– New level: The office. This one was a comment we had a lot during the unveiling of our greenlight campaign. People want to Coffence in familiar locations and we are more than happy to comply! Expect more work on the level in the coming weeks including physics objects flying around to add drama.

– Coffee Break Update Lots of work on the visual and audio effects of the power. Now the music changes and amazing vfx swirl all around you. Feel the power.

– More VFX! Not all of it is visible in this week’s video, but all attack types are now color coded in their motion trails and we added new effects for blocking, hitting the ground and much much more!

– Gameplay tweaks  Gone are the days where your ranged attack would clip to the ground! Now the cup reacts to collision and spawns VFX on collision.

– Match Management  Sweet new intro cutscenes, result menus and overall much cleaner presentation from match start to match end.

– Main Menu We remade the main menu to be entirely based on 3D objects in a environment. We love the results and will keep working on it to make it even better.

– New Camera This is did not make it into the video either, but Charles worked on a new camera system that better track player but also tracks the flying coffee drop so they never leave the screen. It’s pretty amazing stuff really.

– 4 players mayhem You want it, it’s coming, nothing more to say for now ;).

We’ll that’s pretty much it for this week. If you got any feedback or suggestions, go ahead, we’re listening.

Have a great weekend!


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