The road to Early Access

Hi everyone, welcome to the blog! When we started this whole adventure, we wanted to get people involved in the games we make and to take a transparent approach to how we work. It took a little while but we are finally ready to share more with you on a regular basis. From now on you can expect frequent updates from us about the content, design changes and upcoming features of Coffence leading to the Early Access release in the coming months.  Last week, we share a short video showing some of the advances we made in the overall gameplay since the greenlight trailer. Today, we’ll delve a little deeper in the changes you can see in there:



  • The basic combat loop has been modified to add a new attack type: The spin. Not only will you look like a total coffee-ninja badass while doing it, it can be used to break the block!
  • Players can now dash by double tapping a direction on the joystick
  •  First pass for UI and overall match management
  • First pass for Visual and Sound effects ( The block VFX is quite temporary, but useful as a feedback until we have an animation).
  • First iteration of our fully functionals in-game menus.
  • Many, many gameplay tweaks to make the game more fluid and dynamic.

That’s it for today!We are working hard to bring you new exciting features and a whole new fighting arena among other things.  Have a great week!

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