The BRAWL update is in!

Hey there Coffencers! We are back with our biggest, boldest, most caffeine infused update yet: THE BRAWL UPDATE.

There is a lot of changes to cover but we’ll focus on the biggest new features in this post:

  • BRAWL mode is in! You can now play Coffence with 4 players for complete coffee mayhem.
  • New BLEND RUNNER level made specifically for BRAWL as well as new variants of Pirates of the Carabean and the Mother Bean for 4 player play.
  • Captain Puccino joins the cast as our latest playable character.
  • New character models for both Ryan and Kent.
  • All-new prettier, smoother, more user-friendly menu to make getting into the game a pleasant experience.
  • Cups and visual effects are now color coded according to which player has them to make the action clearer.

This also comes with many smaller changes across the board to make the game a more polished experience.

With this huge update out of the way, we have put in place many of the building blocks we need to push Coffence forward and develop new content at a brisk pace. You can expect some new updates pretty soon to build upon what we started here.