Tales of early access and GDC

Hey there Coffee Connoisseurs and Cup combatants! The past week has been pretty crazy for us Bandits and with GDC this week and our early access launch around the corner, It shows no sign of stopping. Before we talk about what’s coming for Coffence, let’s take a dive into what we added to the game recently:

New Character Model: We finally got rid of our placeholder character models and got our first real character in there. He’s not completely final and the animations are still 100% placeholder, but hey, one sip at a time 😉

VFX rework: We spent some time to rework most of our character VFX from the ground up to make actions clearer and better fit our artistic direction. VFX Colors are now color codes depending on if you are playing as player 1 or 2.

Balance and gameplay rework: we changed some of the interactions between attack, added much needed feedback on hits and made the block a much more viable part of a Coffencer’s arsenal. You can expect this kind of rework to continue even after our early access release as we want to focus on getting Coffence as fun as It can be.

Steam Integration: A crucial step in our quest for release. Charles managed to integrate the steam SDK and output release builds so we can iterate quickly on our release candidates.

Main menu rework: We had a clash of styles in our previous menu. The main selection was in 2D while the rest of our sub menus were integrated in the environment in 3D. We went back and made the whole menu experience in 3D which is much shinier and all kinds of amazing.

Not bad right? So, what’s next ? This week I’m headed to GDC to show off Coffence with the help of the Amazon Lumberyard team while Eric and Charles keep pushing as much awesome stuff as humanly possible into the build.

We can’t wait for you to try Coffence for yourself and hear what you have to say about it. Until then, enjoy a nice cup of coffee for us would you ?

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