Tales of Coffence at EVO

Hey there Coffee lovers! We are fresh back from our time at EVO 2017 and we though now would be a perfect time to look at how it all went.

When we learned that we were selected by the Media Indie Exchange to showcase the game at the event; we were beyond excited but also terribly anxious. Showing Coffence to fighting game pros from all around the word? How would they react to it? What if it’s not up to what they expect from the genre? It would be our first convention with the game and our heads were filled with questions and anticipation.

So how did it go? To our greatest surprise, amazingly well actually! While the players got the hang of the basic gameplay quickly, they found great depth in the aiming mechanics. We were amazed at the high level of skill some players reached while playing the game for a while and it was a fantastic feeling when these same players came back with some friends for more coffee action. We gained some great insight watching so many people play at different levels of mastery. We have a headful of gameplay tweaks, control adjustments and new content that we want to push into the game, but our greatest take away is that our game is way more nuanced than we planned it to be when it all started.

Now that we are back home, we are already planning our next steps. We are more confident than ever that Coffence brings something new to the table even for experienced fighting game fans.It’s time to get ourselves a nice coffee and make the game better!

Have a great week!