Introducing the Coffee Break

Hey there fellow caffeine fans! We’ve been busy this week bringing you the latest in coffee-based warfare, and we are are very happy to finally unveil a powerful weapon in a Coffencer’s arsenal: The Coffee Break.

In Coffence protecting your coffee is everything, but what happens when you take a sip? Crazy things! By sacrificing a part of your precious coffee, you gain access to powerful new techniques called Coffee Breaks. This week, we are revealing the first of those techniques: time dilation!  Listen to Charles as he talks you through the details of how it works.

So what have we been up to this week?

  • First Coffee Power added and working: Time Dilation! Sacrifice some of your sweet coffee for increased speed and reflexes.
  • Hit registering is now far more robust on all attack types thanks to some behind the scene work from Charles.
  • Visual update to our Space level, ongoing work on a new level and visual update on a old one.
  • Lots of work on remaking the main menu into something much more interesting, we’ll show you this very soon.

That’s it for this week. Now go get yourself a nice cup of coffee and get ready to coffence!


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