Gameplay Rework and Tutorials

Hello Coffencers!   We have a juicy new update for you today: We have a Basic and Advanced tutorial, gameplay rework for the melee attack, new visual effects for clearer feedback, rebalancing of cups and a beginning of stats differentiation for characters among many fixes and tweaks.

Here’s the detailed change list:

-Added Tutorial menu with both basic and advanced tutorials.

-Melee Attack rework: You now drive forward while attacking. The length of the attack depends on how  long you hold the melee button. You can also chain together melee attacks for a quick combo.

-Cups Rebalancing: Following player feedback, we changed some of the cups stats and narrowed the gap    between the smallest cup to the biggest in term of coffee capacity.

-Character Differentiation start. We have started giving different stats to characters including jump height,  dash speed, walk speed, number of successive melee attack and melee attack range among other.

-New VFX for clearer feedback on many attacks and actions.

– You can now drop down from platforms in BRAWL by holding downward and A or Shift on keyboard.
Every player can now pause and control the pause menu.

-Many small bugs fix all around for a smoother experience.

That’s it for today. We are still completely focused on reworking the aspects of the gameplay that need polish and better feedback. You can expect to see more of this very soon.