Coffence in early access and our Roadmap

We’re about 3 days from Coffence finally making its way to Early Access. To say we’re excited for you to help make Coffence an amazing coffee based fighting video game is an understatement. The 3 of us at Sweet Bandits have been eager for this moment the past few months and it’s finally happening.

The team’s story

Here’s a bit of story on our backgrounds and how we got to where we are today. The 3 of us being ex-Activision veterans, we were eager to start creating our own games. We know that games like Coffence would have never seen the light of day in a big AAA studio and we believe that our first game is the result of our determination to do something completely ridiculous but really unique in its own genre. We love making games and we hope our community will see through Coffence all the passion we put into our game.


Coffence – From it’s first bean to a coffee cup

We’ve been working hard lately to really set some expectations of the game when it first releases on steam, but we also want to take this chance to talk about the game’s future. We’ve been working on a roadmap for the game and we’re happy to share it with you now. This is what you can expect from us for the next following months.

At a high level, our list is pretty straight forward:

  1. Address bugs and crashes to improve the game’s stability and performance.
    • E.g. Performance drops or client experience
  2. Improve existing game content and add new features.
    • E.g. Adding new characters, adding new coffee based powers, adding new cups, twitch features, achievements and adding our new animations.
  3. Develop brand new features
    • E.g. 4 player mayhem, 4 player party mode.

That’s the gist of our approach to the game’s development; stabilizing the game, improving the in-game experience, and offering brand new content for our fans! We also want our community to be a part of Coffence. You have a good idea for a coffee power? You would like to see a new Cup in the game? Any idea, good or bad, can always lead to a brilliant new idea. Do not hesitate to share it with the team.


Beyond Coffence

Down the road, we also plan on adding a lot of unlockable content to the game. We also have a few surprises up our sleeves.. 😉

  1. New Cup Types and skins
  2. All new Character skins
  3. Player Progression System
  4. Winning beans and spending them in the Bean Brewery

We also plan on porting the game to the Xbox one and Playstation 4 platforms.



Coffence will grow, but we also hope to grow it’s community around it. We are very active on our Facebook page, steam and will continue to post our devblogs here as we develop the game further. These 3 medias will be the direct line between playing the game and giving your feedback, reporting bugs, and any other comments you would like to share with the team.

Coffence The game

As we approach our release, we can’t wait for you to try out the game and give us your feedback! Grab your cups and Enjoy the game.

Sweet Bandits Team

You can find Coffence on Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, our own website, steam, and our devblog.

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