Aiming Reticle and Gameplay Work

Hey there Coffencers! We got a big new update coming today that continues our work on making the gameplay of Coffence clearer, more fun and more polished overall. We got new feedbacks, balancing tweaks and an aiming reticle all coming in with this update. Let’s take a closer look!


Added an aiming reticle: This is something we got asked about a few times and we think it makes the whole targeting aspect of Coffence much more intuitive. Give us your feedback!

Coffee Break Overhaul: Coffee Break was kind of an obscure mechanic in the past. We added some much need feedback when someone uses it in the form of an animation and some awesome effects. We will add to the Coffee Break in the coming updates.

Blocking Feedback: Blocking now has its own animation and plays a distinct sound. This should help clarify what happened when someone pulls off a last-minute block.

Characters work: New VFX, New Sound effects and more differentiation for characters. This is still ongoing but should already be a big step up from previous versions.

Bug Fixing: As always, we fixed a lot of issues all over the place that should make the game more enjoyable overall.

We think this update is a big step toward making Coffence easier to play but also deeper in it’s underlying mechanics. As always, tell us what you like or dislike about the latest advancements in the forum or below this announcement!