AI update is in!

Do you tend to enjoy your coffee in solo? We got great news for you! We just released AI fighters for coffence. You can now brush up your skills in single player with 10 different AI skill levels over both DUEL and BRAWL mode. Let’s take a look at everything new in this update:

  • AI fighters have been added with 10 skill levels.
  • Main menu rework for a clearer experience and to accommodate the integration of AI fighters.
  • VFX rework across the board to fit with our art style.
  • New result screens in all modes and intro screens in DUEL
  • A coffeepot load of bug fixes from physics crashes to match management issues. The game should be much more stable overall.

    Of course we are not done working on the AI and you should notice considerable improvements to it’s behavior in the next few weeks. For now, the AI fighters are locked to random characters and the basic cup, but we want to give you control of their loadouts very soon. We hope you enjoy this new way to play Coffence and don’t hesitate to leave your feeback in the forums!